Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a naturally occurring weak acid produced as part of our Immune Defence to pathogens– which helps protect us from illness.

HOCL through this evolutionary Biological Response, dissociates into different oxidative molecules- each with a distinct mode of action and capability:

  • which is a potent antimicrobial capable of eradicating antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, viruses and fungus.
  • without promoting the emergence of newly resistant strains of infection.

In general, HOCl affects structural proteins, such as the capsid or surface compounds, lipid envelop (if present) and nucleic acids (DNA or RNA) of viruses [4, 20, 27].


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For environmental decontamination applications within habitable spaces, clearly certain biocides are too toxic (e.g., phenolics and glutaraldehyde) or flammable (e.g., alcohols) or have the potential to leave unwanted residues on surfaces (e.g., iodophors). Hypochlorous is not flammable and not known to release harsh chemicals.


Hypochlorous acid should not be mixed with ammonia-based products, as chloramines can be released.


The Environmental Protection Agency approved HOCl in 2017 as a Daily Cleanser, as follows:

Hypochlorous Acid product is found to be:

  • gentle with no harsh vapors, safe for babies and pets, and suitable for medical applications.
  • Breaks Down to Saline Solution
  • Leaves no harsh (chemical) residue
  • For use in neonatal nurseries
  • No harm after pet contact with product
  • Gentle, Mild enough to use on any washable hard, non-porous surfaces.